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Salmān al-Fārsī (سلمان الفارسي) was sahaba and a close friend of Prophet Muhammad (s) and Ali ibn Abi Talib (a). He was a well respected man among Shi'a and Sunni Muslims. He was originally from Iran and his original name was either Ruzbeh or Mahu.

Salman was monotheist who converted to Christianity in his childhood. When he had changed his religion, Salman was forced to leave his hometown. In order to find the truth about Christianity, he started his travels and met a number of priests and bishops in different churches. When he arrived in Syria, he settled in Syria (Levant), Mosul and Nasibayn. Then he was captured as a slave by Banu Kalb. After some time he was sold to a person from Banu Qurayza and was taken to Medina. When he saw Muhammad ibn Abd-Allah (s), Salman figured out that he was the Prophet that his mentor had described to him. After meeting Prophet Muhammad (s) Salman converted to Islam. Prophet Muhammad (s) bought him and then freed him from slavery. After that Prophet (s) named him Salman. He was such a true Muslim that Prophet (s) once said: "Salman is a member of my Ahl al-Bayt."

Salman helped Muslims in the battle of the Trench (Khandaq) which brought victory to Muslims. After Prophet Muhammad (s) had passed away he became a supporter of Imam Ali (a) and a believer in Imamah. He disagreed with the event of Saqifa. continue reading...