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Hāj Mullā ʿAlī Kanī (Farsi: حاج ملا علی کنی) (b. 1220/1805 - d. 1306/1888), was an Iranian Shi'a scholar and faqih. He was in charge of religious affairs of Iran, and had a great influence on people and even on Nasir al-Din Shah and his court. Despite his great wealth, Mulla 'Ali led a very simple life. He authored several works in different branches of Islamic sciences, including Tawdih al-maqal and a commentary on Jawahir al-kalam.

He was aware of political affairs of his time and because of his influence on the people and even the king, he interfered in important events. After the sing of Reuters Contract in 1290/1873 (which in practice made Iran a colony of Britain), Mulla ʿAli Kani wrote a letter to the King, Nasir al-Din Shah, and opposed with this contract. He wrote what Reuter gains through this contract even is more than what Britain gained in India.