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Abu l-Ḥasan ʿAlī b. ʿIsā Hakkārī, (Arabic: أبوالحسن علي بن عیسی هکّاري) ,known as Bahaʾ al-Dīn al-Irbilī (بهاءالدين إربلي), famous Shi'a hadith scholar, historian, literary man and poet in 13th century. Kashf al-ghumma fi ma'arifat al-a'imma is his most notable work. This is one of the reliable biographies of the Prophet (s) and Shi'a Imams (a). Al-Irbili was clerk during Taj al-Din b. Salaya's reign in Irbil. According to al-Irbili, when Irbil collapsed by Mongols in 1262, he went to Baghdad that was governed by 'Ala' al-Din 'Ata' al-Mulk al-Juwayni and got his position as a clerk in the secretariat. Al-Irbili was one of 'Ata' al-Mulk al-Juwayni's close companions and accompanied him in journeys. His house overlooked the Dijla River and was called “Divan Sharabi”. He wrote most of his works in the same period and undertook to repair Jami' bab al-sayf mosque. Read more...

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