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Al-Shaʿbānīyya Sermon (Arabic: الخطبة الشعبانية) is a sermon delivered by the Prophet (s) in the last Friday of the month of Sha'ban as a preparation for entering the month of Ramadan.

The Prophet (s) started this sermon by mentioning the importance and greatness of the month of Ramadan and continued by mentioning: the reward of fasting in this month, reward of some of the acts of worship during this month, infinite mercy of God, specially in this month, Opening the gates of divine mercy, observing the moral of fasting, remembering the hunger and thirst of the Day of Resurrection, Caring about the poor, orphans, the elderly, and children, the reward of visiting relatives and having good ties with them, offering iftar to other Muslims even if it is as small as a half of date or a sip of water, guarding eyes and ears and tongue, paying especial attention to prayer, repentance, supplication, and istighfar, the reward of recitation of Qur'an in this month, the reward of salawat, abstinence from bothering people, being good mannered and behaving politely.

At the end of the sermon, in answer to Imam 'Ali's (a) question, the Prophet (s) regarded abstaining from sins as the best deed in this month. He also foretold that Imam 'Ali (a) will be martyred in this month and talked about his virtues for people. Read more...