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Abū Umāma, Asʿad b. Zurāra (Arabic: ابوامامة اَسْعَد بن زُرارة), (d. 1/623) was a sahaba, and among the first people of Yathrib who converted to Islam. He was titled as As'ad al-Khayr (Arabic: أسعد الخير). He preached Islam in Medina; it is said he destroyed the idols and performed prayers alongside other Muslims. He was appointed as the naqib (deputy) of Banu Najjar by Prophet Muhammad (s) after the second pledge at al-Aqaba. As'ad and the Prophet Muhammad (s) had a mutual friendship. When As'ad had died, the Prophet Muhammad (s) performed the funeral prayer on his body and buried him in al-Baqi' cemetery. It is said that the 143rd verse of al-Baqara was revealed on the status of a number of sahaba especially As'ad b. Zurara. Read more...