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To ensure the verification of WikiShia articles, {{citation needed}} template is used to tag the uncited statements.

Most of the content of English WikiShia is taken from Farsi WikiShia articles, so if a statement is not cited, it does not mean that it's unfounded. It is only a matter of time for the articles to have their citations also brought in.

When not to use

  • If the article is not cited at all, {{unreferenced}} template is used.
  • If the article has the most part of it uncited, {{refimprove}} template is used.

When to use

  • If the article has most of its content cited but only there is some uncited statements.
  • Most of the times its more preferable to include the citation, not the citation needed template. But if for every reason you cannot include the citation, do tag the statement.

Help reduce the usage of this template

You can browse the list of articles at category:articles with unsourced statements.