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Demolition of al-Baqīʿ refers to the event of demolition of historical and religious graves and shrines of al-Baqi' cemetery by the Wahhabis of contemporary time. Demolition of al-Baqi' was followed by serious protests in Muslim countries including Iran. Wahhabis destroyed places and graves in al-Baqi' two times, once in 1220/1805-1806 and the second time in 1344/1926. Many Shi'a hold gatherings, remember the event and mourn on Shawwal 8 of every year which is known as Yawm al-Hadm (Day of Demolition).


  • According to historical reports, choosing al-Baqi' as the cemetery of Muslims was a decision of the Prophet (s) in the first year after Hijra. Since then, the Prophet's (s) companions and many Muslims were buried in this cemetery and in the next years and centuries, gradually upon some of the graves such as the graves of Abbas the uncle of the Prophet (s) and the four infallible Imams of the Shia, domes and mausoleums were built.
  • Religious and historical places of this cemetery were always important to Muslims around the world and at the time of hajj, pilgrims of hajj often go to Medina and visited this cemetery and the graves and shrines there.Read more...
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