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The marriage of Imam Ali (a) and Lady Fatima (a) occurred on Dhu l-Hijja 1, 2 AH/May 25, 624. The marriage formula was recited by the Prophet (s). According to scholars, there was an interval of ten months between the marriage formula of their marriage and their wedlock. According to sources of hadiths, before Imam Ali (a), a number of Emigrants and Helpers expressed their tendency to marry Fatima (a) to the Prophet (s), but he refused their proposals.

According to one report, Lady Fatima's (a) Mahr was five hundred Dirhams. The Prophet (s) called this marriage heavenly and that God engaged Lady Fatima (a) to Imam Ali (a).


Sunni and Shi'a sources narrate the event in different ways but it is said that some of the companions in Medina, such as Abu Bakr, Umar b. al-Khattab, and Abd Allah b. 'Awf proposed for Fatima (a), but the Prophet (s) replied that he is waiting God's command.

Some of the Migrants suggested to Ali (a) to propose but he replied, "By God I have nothing [of wealth]." He was told that the Prophet (s) wouldn't want anything from him. Ali (a) finally decided to propose to the Prophet (s) but left out of pudency without proposing. On the third time the Prophet (s) said, "Do you have anything?" he replied, "Oh Messenger of God (s), I have nothing but my armor." The Prophet (s) engaged his daughter to Imam Ali (a) for twelve ounces of gold and gave Ali (a) his armor back.

It is said that some of the companions expressed their discontent, but the Prophet (s) replied, "I did not give Ali to Fatima, it was God who gave her to Ali." Read more...

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