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The martyrdom of Lady Fatima al-Zahra (a) is one of the common and lasting beliefs among Shi'as, according to which Lady Fatima (a), the daughter of the Prophet of Islam (s), did not die a natural death but was rather martyred due to injuries inflicted to her by some of the companions of the Prophet (s). The Sunnis consider her death due to grief and sorrow over the death of the Prophet (s), but the Shiites consider 'Umar b. Khattab to be the main cause of her martyrdom and mourning for Lady Fatima (a) during the Fatimiyya Days. According to some sources, Muhsin (a), the unborn child of Fatima (a) was also aborted during the incident when she (a) received injuries.

Shiites have brought arguments from some points for the martyrdom of Lady Fatima (a), e.g. according to a narration from Imam al-Kazim (a), the title of “Siddiqat ash-Shahida” has been used for Lady Fatima (a). Also, Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari, a Shiite theologian of the third/ninth century, in the book Dala'il al-Imama, has narrated a narration from Imam al-Sadiq (a) in which the reason for Fatima’s (a) martyrdom is mentioned to be her abortion due to major trauma.....

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