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Abū Baṣīr (Arabic: أبو‌بصير) is a common title referring to a number of transmitters of hadiths, including:

  1. Yahya b. Abu l-Qasim al-Asadi,
  2. Layth b. Bakhtari al-Muradi,
  3. 'Abd Allah b. Muhammad al-Asadi al-Kufi,
  4. Abu Basir Yusuf b. Harith,
  5. Abu Basir al-Thaqafi.

Abu Basir in Hadiths

In many Imami hadiths, "Abu Basir" occurs in chains of transmissions without any qualification. It is only with external evidence that the person referred to as "Abu Basir" can be identified. However, there are very few chains of transmissions in which "Abu Basir" occurs with a certain qualification. However, some of these qualifications are not firm as they stand, and it is probable that they were confused.

The commonality of "Abu Basir" between Yahya al-Asadi and Layth al-Muradi led to debates about the identity of Abu Basir among Imami scholars of hadiths and rijal from earlier centuries until now. Thus, it is sometimes unknown which of these two contemporary figures both of whom lived in Kufa was referred to by "Abu Basir".

Abu Basirs

In Shiite sources of rijal and hadith, people other than Yahya b. Abu l-Qasim al-Asadi and Layth b. Bakhtari al-Muradi is also referred to as "Abu Basir": Abu Basir 'Abd Allah b. Muhammad al-Asadi al-Kufi, a companion of Imam al-Baqir (a), Abu Basir Yusuf b. Harith, a Batri companion of Imam al-Baqir (a), and Abu Basir al-Thaqafi.

Writings about Abu Basir

In recent centuries, some independent works have been written about the biography of Abu Basir, including the following:

  • Tarjuma Abi Basir (biography of Abu Basir), written by Muhammad Mahdi Khwansari (d. 1246/1830-1) published together with al-Jawami' al-fiqhiyya in 1276/1859.
  • Tarjuma Abi Basir wa Ishaq b. 'Ammar by Abu Turab Khwansari (d. 1346/1927-8).
  • Al-Risala al-mubsira fi ahwal Abi Basir by Muhammad Taqi Shushtari. It was published as an appendix to the author's Qamus al-rijal.