Attack at Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine

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Shah Cheragh Shia holy shrine, Shiraz, Iran

Terrorist Attack at Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine took place on a popular Shia holy shrine, Shah Cheragh, in the southwestern city of Shiraz, Iran which is one of important sites for religious pilgrims. The incident happened at 5:45 PM. local time on October 26, 2022 just before the evening prayer. Thirteen people have been killed including two children and 30 others injured.

The militant group of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed it carried out an attack on a Shi'ite Muslim shrine in Iran.[1].[2]

The United Nation Secretary-General strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran, for which the so called Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility. The Secretary-General stresses the need to bring to justice the perpetrators of this crime against civilians exercising their right to practice their religion.[3] The European Union condemned the Wednesday terrorist attack in the Shah Cheraq holy shrine of Shiraz as well.[4]

Some governments such as China, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Oman, Syria, Pakistan, Venezuela, Egypt, Türkiye, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Finland and Iraq condemned the attack.[5]

"Takfiri terrorists"[6] has claimed previous attacks in Iran, including deadly twin bombings in 2017 which targeted Iran's parliament and the tomb of the Islamic Republic's founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.[7]