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Paradise or Firdaws (Arabic: فِردوس) is the highest and the best level of the heaven. This part of the heaven is dedicated to those who possess a high level of faith and good deeds. Based on hadiths, its light is from the light of God and the four rivers of the heaven flow from it.


The meaning of "firdaws" is "garden" and "paradise". In Qur'anic terminology, "Firdaws" is considered the highest level of the heaven located at its top, above the divine throne. This word is mentioned twice in the Qur'an.[1] The Prophet (s) advised that when you ask God something, ask Him for Paradise.


Based on hadiths, the walls of Paradise are made of light and the light of its houses and rooms are from the light of God. In Paradise, there are two palaces, one white and one yellow, one of which belongs to the Prophet (s) and his family and the other belongs to Prophet Abraham (a) and his family.

A hadith is transmitted from the Prophet (s) that considered Paradise the best part of the heaven from which the four rivers of the heaven flow. Imam al-Rida (a) too spoke about a palace in this heaven decorated with different jewels, the soil of which is fragrant and it has different kinds of trees and birds with beautiful voices.


In verses of the Qur'an and hadiths, different examples of the residents of Paradise are mentioned. In the Qur'an 18, Paradise is considered to belong to those who have faith and perform good deeds.[2] In the Qur'an 23, trustworthy people who keep their promises and observe their prayers are considered as the inheritors of Paradise.[3] In hadiths, those who enjoin others to do good and forbid them from evil are also considered among those who go to Paradise.

In a hadith, the Prophet (s) and his family and Prophet Abraham (a) and his family are mentioned among the people who are accommodated in Paradise. After the demise of the Prophet (s), lady Fatima (a) considered him a person whose dwelling is Paradise.

Some researchers believe that in general, a high level of faith and good deeds can be considered as the criteria for residing in Paradise.


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