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Qiyamat Sughra

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Qiyamat al-Sughra (the Lesser Resurrection) (Arabic: قیامت صغری) refers to the time period between death and Qiyamat al-Kubra (the greater Resurrection).

Some scholars of theology, refer to this hadith of the Prophet (s) saying, "when a person dies, his resurrection will begin." They believe that every person has two resurrections: a lesser resurrection and a greater resurrection. The lesser resurrection of a person begins with his death and continues until the greater resurrection. Some theological books use the expression "Qiayamat sughra" to refer to Barzakh.

According to verses of the noble Qur'an, the time of the greater resurrection is unknown and only God knows about it. Fayd Kashani said that with the death of all humans, the lesser resurrection will end and the greater resurrection will begin; but, the time when all people would die is known only by God. According to hadiths, the lesser resurrection is special to humans, while in the greater resurrection, all beings will be present.

In some hadiths and Shi'a books, Raj'a is referred to as the lesser resurrection. In the terminology of Islamic mysticism, the volitional death is referred to the lesser resurrection.

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