Hilyat al-muttaqin (book)

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Hilyat al-muttaqin
Author Al-'Allamah al-Majlisi
Original title حلية المتقين
Language Persian
Series 1 volume
Subject Ethic

Ḥilyat al-Muttaqīn, (Arabic: حلية المتقین), meaning, "Ornament of the God-Wary" is one of the most famous works of 'Allamah Majlisi. It is written in Persian and covers topics in Islamic ethics, instructions and traditions.

Purpose of Writing

According to the author's introduction, this book was written in response to a group of believers who asked him for a Persian treatise in Islamic manners and virtues extracted from the hadith of the Ahl al-Bayt (a).[1]

Date of Completion

Agha Buzurg Tihrani has written that according to one manuscript, this book was completed on Dhu l-Hijja 26, 1081 (May 5th, 1671).[2]


It consists of 14 chapters divided into 12 sections each. These chapters address individual and collective ethics - and in some cases, fiqhi rulings, supplications and practices. It ends with some miscellaneous instructions.

Chapters of the Book

  1. Section 1: Manners of dressing and clothing
  2. Section 2: Manners of wearing jewellery for men and women, applying kohl, looking in the mirror and applying dye
  3. Section 3: Manners of eating and drinking
  4. Section 4: Merits of marriage, manners of associating with women and educating children
  5. Section 5: Manners of brushing teeth, combing hair, trimming nails and moustache, cutting hair, etc.
  6. Section 6: Manners of wearing perfume, smelling flowers and applying ointment
  7. Section 7: Manners of bathing and instructions on some types of ablution
  8. Section 8: Manners of sleeping and waking
  9. Section 9: Manners of phlebotomy and enema, benefits of some medicines, cures to some diseases and mentioning of some related du'as
  10. Section 10: Manners of associating with people and the rights of some jobs
  11. Section 11: Manners of meeting with people such as greeting, shaking hands, hugging, kissing, etc.
  12. Section 12: Manners of entering and leaving the house
  13. Section 13: Manners of walking, riding, shopping, conducting transactions, farming and keeping livestock
  14. Section 14: Manners of traveling
  15. Ending: Some miscellaneous manners and their benefits


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