Salman Rushdie

From wikishia

Salman Rushdie (born in 1947, Mumbai), Indian novelist, the citizen of Britain and the United states, who insulted the Prophet of Islam (s), his companions and wives, by writing the book The Satanic Verses. His references in the made story by him was some fake legends mentioned in some Sunni hadith books. After publishing the aforementioned book, on February 14, 1989, Imam Khomeini issued a fatwa in which he asked all Muslims all over the world to kill Salman Rushdie wherever they find him. Despite some efforts to kill him, He is still alive and under security measures in the United States. on August 12, 2022, Rushdie was attacked before a speech in New York. A man rushed on the stage and stabbed Rushdie several times just before he was scheduled to deliver a lecture.