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Khatunabadi Family

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Khatunabadi Family
Era 12th/18th to 15th/23th century
Lineage 'Imad al-Din b. Hasan b. Jalal al-Din
Naming The migration of 'Imad al-Din from Isfahan to Khatunabad
Origin Husayni Sadat of Medina (Hasan al-Aftas)
Residence Tehran and Isfahan
Well-known Figures
Scholars Mir 'Abd al-Husayn Khatunabadi, Muhammad Salih Khatunabadi, Mir Muhammad Mahdi Khatunabadi, Mirza Abu l-Qasim Khatunabadi, Zayn al-'Abidin Khatunabadi, Mirza Abu l-Qasim b. Zayn al-'Abidin, Sayyid Hasan Imami, Sayyida Nusrat Amin

Khātūnābādī Family (Persian: خاندان خاتون آبادی) was a well-known, influential scholarly family in Isfahan and Tehran. They occupied the official position of the leader of Friday Prayer in these two cities (in Isfahan, from the 12th/18th through 14th/20th centuries, and in Tehran, from the 13th/19th century until the Islamic Revolution of Iran). Sayyida Nusrat Amin was a well-known woman in this family. Their ancestors were from Sadat who lived in Medina, but were invited by the ruler of Khorasan to move to Mashhad. Some of them migrated then to Qom and Isfahan.


Their ancestors were from the Husayni Sadat who lived in Medina. Their lineage goes back to Hasan al-Aftas, the grandson of Imam al-Sajjad (a). One of them, called Hasan, was invited by the ruler of Khorasan to go to Mashhad. He married the ruler's daughter and became Khorasan's "Naqib al-Nuqaba'".

After his death, some of his children went to Qom and Isfahan, including 'Imad al-Din b. Hasan b. Jalal al-Din who was the head of the Khatunabadi Family.

After the outbreak of plague in Isfahan, 'Imad al-Din moved to Khatunabad, a village near Isfahan, and stayed there until his death. Thus, his children and progeny were called "Khatunabadi."

Mir 'Abd al-Husayn Khatunabadi

Mir 'Abd al-Husayn Khatunabadi, the son of Mir Muhammad Baqir, was a well-known historian of the Safavid period. He was a student of 'Allama Muhammad Taqi al-Majlisi, Muhammad Baqir Sabziwari, Mirza Rafi'a Na'ini, and Mulla Husayn Burujirdi. His most important work is Waqa'i' al-sinin wa l-a'wam which is very significant with respect to its Persian prose.

Muhammad Salih Khatunabadi

Muhammad Salih Khatunabadi was the leader of Friday Prayer in Isfahan. He was Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi's son in law, and the first leader of Friday Prayer in Isfahan from the Khatunabadi Family.

Mir Muhammad Mahdi Khatunabadi

In Tehran, the position of the leader of the Friday Prayer was occupied by Muhammad Mahdi b. Muhammad Husayn's progeny. Muhammad Mahdi's grandson who was his namesake and Murtada's son, was born in 1185/1171 or 1186/1172. He was a religious scholar and was engaged in teaching and leading congregational prayers in Isfahan. After the death of the leader of Friday Prayer in Tehran, Fath-Ali Shah Qajar invited him to Tehran in 1236/1820 in a respectful manner, and appointed him as the leader of Friday Prayer there.

Mir Muhammad Mahdi b. Murtada Khatunabadi, known as Aqa Buzurg, was a master of jurisprudence and hadiths, and was the first leader of Friday Prayer in Tehran from this family. He died in 1263/1846 and was buried in Najaf.

Mirza Abu l-Qasim Khatunabadi

Mirza Abu l-Qasim Khatunabadi, known as Aqa, started to teach and take care of people's religious affairs upon his return to Tehran. After the death of his uncle, Muhammad Shah Qajar appointed him as the leader of Friday Prayer in Tehran. He died in 1270/1853 or 1271/1854 and was buried near Rey.

Zayn al-'Abidin Khatunabadi

Zayn al-'Abidin, Mirza Abu l-Qasim's son, was born in 1261/1845. After his fathers death, since he was still a child, his uncle, Murtada Sadr al-'Ulama', led the Friday Prayer until 1280/1863, and then, the position was given over to him.

Mirza Abu l-Qasim b. Zayn al-'Abidin

The oldest son of Zayn al-'Abidin, Mirza Abu l-Qasim, was born in 1282/1865. He went to Najaf in 1304/1886 where he attended the lectures of Habib Allah Rashti and Shari'at Isfahani.

He was Muzaffar al-Din Shah's son in law, and after his father's death, he was appointed as the leader of Friday Prayer in Tehran. He died in 1306SH/1928.

Sayyid Hasan Imami

Sayyid Hasan Imami was born in 1281/1864 in Tehran. He attended a Russian elementary school and then went to Najaf for learning Islamic disciplines. In 1346/1928, he went to Switzerland to study law. After receiving a PhD of law, he returned to Iran, and in addition to holding judicial positions, he taught law at the university.

He was the leader of Friday Prayer in Tehran, a representative of the Iranian Parliamentary (Majlis) and the speaker of the 17th Majlis. In 1371/1952, he resigned from his position as the speaker of the Majlis because of some political events and people's objections to his cooperation with the government. He then moved abroad for a while.

Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Sayyid Hasan Imami left Iran and died in Geneva in 1400/1980. He was the last leader of Friday Prayer in Tehran from the Khatunabadi Family.

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