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Coordinate 44°12′00″N 31°35′24″E / 44.20000°N 31.59000°E / 44.20000; 31.59000
Feature Burial city of Imam Ali (a)
Country Iraq
Province Najaf
Total population 791000
Local name Najaf al-Ashraf
Language Arabic
Race Arab
Religions Islam
Muslim population 100%
Shi'a population 100%
Historical Information
Year of foundation Before Islam
Shi'a background 2nd century
Shrines Holy Shrine of Imam 'Ali (a)
Graveyards Wadi al-Salam
Seminary Seminary of Najaf
Mosques al-Shaykh al-Ansari, Al-Hannana, al-Khadra'
Institutes Haydariyya Library and Print House, Bahr al-'Ulum Library, and Murtadawiyya Print House
Religious Prophet Adam (a), Nuh (a), Hud (a) and Salih (a), al-Shaykh al-Tusi