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Al-Baqi' Cemetery, near al-Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina

Al-Baqīʿ (Arabic: البَقيع), also known as "Jannat al-Baqīʿ", "al-Baqīʿ al-Gharqad" (Arabic: البَقیع الغَرقَد) is the first and oldest Islamic cemetery of Madina where four Shi'a Imams (a) and many other noble ones among the Sahaba and the Tabi'un are buried. Some structures were built over the graves of these Imams (a) as well as other figures which were known as Buq'as of Baqi'. These buq'as were destroyed by Wahhabis in an incident called the Demolition of al-Baqi'.

Al-Baqi' is located near Masjid al-Nabi and is one of the places Lady Fatima (a) is likely to be buried. Al-Baqi' is among the holiest pilgrim destinations for Muslims especially the Shiites. Some hadiths have been narrated from the Holy Prophet (s) as well as Imams (a) about the merits of this cemetery. The graves of Imams (a) and some other graves had tombs and shrines built upon them which were demolished in 1221/1806-7 by the first groups of Wahhabis but were later rebuilt by the order of the Ottoman king 'Abd al-Hamid II, but were again demolished by the order of Amir Muhammad, the ruler of Medina, by the order of his father, 'Abd al-'Aziz Al Sa'ud on Shawwal 8, 1344/April 21, 1926.


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