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Aqil b. Abi Talib

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Aqil b. Abi Talib
Personal Information
Full Name 'Aqil b. Abi Talib b. 'Abd al-Muttalib
Teknonym Abu Yazid
Lineage Banu Hashim
Well-Known Relatives The Prophet (s) (cousin), Imam Ali (a) (brother), Abu Talib (Father)
Birth 10 years after 'Am al-Fil
Muhajir/Ansar Muhajir
Place(s) of Residence Mecca, Medina, Kufa, Syria
Religious Information
Presence at Ghazwas Battle of Muta, Battle of Hunayn
Known for Being one of Sahaba, Brother of Imam Ali (a)

ʿAqīl b. Abī Ṭālib (Arabic: عقیل بن أبي طالب) was one of the Prophet's (s) companions (sahaba), Imam Ali's (a) brother, and Muslim's father. He was a great genealogist of Quraysh, and was quick at repartees.


'Aqil was a son of Abu Talib b. 'Abd al-Muttalib. According to one of his offspring's names, his kunya was Abu Yazid. Based on reports, he was 20 years older than Imam Ali (a).[1] Therefore, his birth had been 10 years after 'Am al-Fil. He was a genealogist of Quraysh. 'Aqil was quick at repartees and talked back to his interlocutors whoever they were.[2]

'Aqil reluctantly was present in the army of pagans during the Battle of Badr. He became captive in this war and his uncle al-'Abbas paid 4000 dirham as fidya to set him free.[3]

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