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Building over graves

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The Shrine of the Holy Prophet (s) in Medina.

Building over graves (Arabic: البناء على القبور) means building any construction or structure over graves. There is a disagreement among Shia and Sunnis with Wahhabis about the Islamic ruling for building over graves. Islamic schools, especially Shia, have built constructions over the graves of great people and Islamic leaders and some Islamic scholars. This – with a conceptual expansion Wahhabis make – has a history and dates back to early Islam. According to historical evidences, it was not encountered with any objection from the Prophet (s) or the Followers. Wahhabis believe that building over the graves makes the grounds for worshiping them and polytheism in worshiping.

Meaning of Building over Graves

Building over graves, due to the many discussions related to it in fiqh, kalam and history, has become a term. It refers to any construction over graves including qubba (dome), buq'a (mausoleum),