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Umm Habiba

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Umm Habiba
Wife of the Prophet (s)
Full Name Al-Ramla bt. Abi Sufyan
Teknonym Umm Habiba
Lineage Quraysh
Well-known Relatives The Prophet (s), Abu Sufyan, Mu'awiyya
Birth 17 years before bi'that/ 593
Place of Birth Mecca
Places of Residence Mecca, Medina
Death/Martyrdom 44/ 664-65
Burial Place Medina
Era Early Islam
Known for Wife of the Prophet (s)
Activities Sending bloody shirt of 'Uthman to Mu'awiyya
امهات المؤمنین.png
Name Date of Marriage
Khadija (27 BH/595)
Sawda (before Hijra/before 622)
Aisha (1,2, or 4/622, 623, or 625)
Hafsa (3/624)
Zaynab (bt. Khuzayma) (3/624)
Umm Salama (4/625)
Zaynab (bt. Jahsh) (5/626)
Juwayriyya (5 or 6/626 or 627)
Umm Habiba (6 or 7/627 or 628)
Mariya (7/628)
Safiyya (7/628)
Maymuna (7/628)

Umm Ḥabiba al-Ramla (Arabic: أم حبیبة الرملة) (b. 17 years before bi'that/ 593-94 -d. 44/ 664-65) was a daughter of Abu Sufyan and a wife of the Prophet (s) whose name in some sources has been mentioned as Hind. She first married 'Ubayd Allah b. Jahsh al-Asadi. She was among the women who moved together with her husband upon the immigration of Muslims to Abyssinia. After the death of 'Ubayd Allah, the Prophet (s) mandated 'Amr b. Umayya in 6 or 7/627-8 or 628-9 to ask Umm Habiba to marry the Prophet (s) by proxy and bring her to Medina with other Muslims.

After 'Uthman was killed Umm Habiba sent his bloody shirt to his brother, Mu'awiya in Damascus.


The exact date of her birth has been mentioned 17 years before the mission of the Prophet (s) (c. 593-94 CE) and this date is in agreement with narrations which have considered her thirty some years old in 7 AH.


She was first the wife of 'Ubayd Allah b. Jahsh al-Asadi and had a daughter from him whose name was Habiba and her kunya Umm Habiba originates from here. She was among the women who moved together with her husband upon the immigration of Muslims to Abyssinia.

Marriage with the Prophet (s)

After the death of 'Ubayd Allah in Ethiopia, the Prophet (s) sent 'Amr b. Umayya al-Damuri in 6/627-28 or 7/628-29 to Negasi and mandated him to ask Umm Habiba to marry the Prophet (s) by proxy and bring her together with other Muslims to Medina. So, Negasi sent Umm Habiba with other immigrants or sooner than them with gifts to Medina.

Since Abu Sufyan was among the enemies of Islam, Ibn Abbas considered the revelation of the verse "It may be that Allah will bring about between you and those with whom you are at enmity affection," (Quran 60:7) related with the marriage of the Prophet (s) and Umm Habiba, daughter of Abu Sufyan. After Conquest of Mecca, Abu Sufyan came to Medina for the revival of the peace treaty, but when he went to his daughter Umm Habiba, she called him polytheist and unclean and did not allow him sit on the place of the Prophet (s).

Political Activities

After 'Uthman was killed, Umm Habiba sent his bloody shirt with Nu'man b. Bashir to his brother, Mu'awiya in Damascus.

Also after the martyrdom of Muhammad b. Abi Bakr, she sacrificed a sheep out of happiness and even sent a part of it to Aisha, Muhammad's sister; 'Ayishia was upset and said, "May God kills the daughter of the corrupt woman (Hind, mother of Umm Habiba); swear by God, I will never again eat Kibab."

Narrating Hadith from the Prophet (s)

Umm Habiba has narrated some hadiths from the Prophet (s). Her brothers, Mu'awiya, 'Anbasa and also people such as Anas b. Malik, Abu Bakr b. Sa'id al-Thaqafi, Abu Jarrah al-Qurashi and others have narrated from her.


She passed away at the age of 74 in 44/664-65. There is a report that she also travelled to Damascus. Even, some have reported her death happened there and that near Bab al-Saghir Cemetery, a grave is attributed to her; however, according to some authentic hadiths, she passed away in Medina and was buried there.

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  • The material for this article is mainly taken from ام حبیبه in Farsi WikiShia.