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Umm 'Umara

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Umm 'Umara
Personal Information
Full Name Nasiba bt. Ka'b b. 'Amr
Teknonym Umm 'Umara, Umm Habib
Lineage Banu Mazin of Khazraj
Well-Known Relatives Ka'b b. 'Amr
Muhajir/Ansar Ansar
Place(s) of Residence Medina
Death/Martyrdom after 13/634
Religious Information
Presence at Ghazwas Battle of Uhud and others
Other Activities Participating in Battle of Yamama, transmitting hadith from the Prophet (s)

Umm ʿUmāra, Nasība bt. Kaʿb (Arabic: أمّ عُماره ، نسیبة بنت کعب), (d. after 13/634) was one of the female companions of the Prophet (s). In some sources her name is registered as Nusayba.

She was among the first people who converted to Islam in Medina and was one of the two women who converted to Islam in the second treaty of 'Aqaba.

Umm 'Umara participated in some battles and especially the Battle of Uhud to help the injured and fighters. She also accompanied the army of Muslims in other battles and incidents. She narrated hadiths from the Prophet (s).

There is no report about her demise date in the sources, but it can be inferred from a narration that she was alive until the period of the caliphate of 'Umar b. al-Khattab.


Her father was Ka'b b. 'Amr from Banu Mazin, a clan of Khazraj –the famous tribe of Yathrib- and her mother was Rubab bt. 'Abd Allah from the same tribe. So she also was called Nasiba al-Maziniyya. Umm 'Umara must not be confused with another female companion of the Prophet (s) from Ansar named Nusayba bt. Ka'b with the nickname "Umm 'Atiyya".

Umm 'Umara's two brothers, 'Abd Allah and 'Abd al-Rahman b. Ka'b, were also among the companions of the Prophet (s).


First she got married to Zayd b. 'Asim from Banu Najjar –a clan of Khazraj- and bore him two children named Habib –that's why she was called Umm Habib too- and 'Abd Allah, who were among the Prophet's companions. After demise of her hasband she, after converting to Islam married