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Salman al-Farsi

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Salman al-Farsi
مقبره سلمان فارسی.jpg
Salman al-Farsi's tomb in al-Madain, south of Baghdad, Iraq
Personal Information
Teknonym Abu 'Abd Allah
Epithet al-Farsi, al-Muhammadi
Birth ?
Place of Birth Ray (Isfahan ) or Ramhurmuz
Place(s) of Residence Isfahan, Syria, Medina, Al-Madain
Death/Martyrdom 36/656-7
Burial Place Al-Madain, Iraq
Religious Information
Conversion to Islam Jumada I, 1/November/December, 622
Presence at Ghazwas All the Ghazwas after the Battle of Khandaq
Other Activities Defensive plan of digging a trench around Medina in the Battle of Khandaq, Opposing the Event of Saqifa, Governor of al-Madain in the time of the Second Caliph

Salmān al-Fārsī (Arabic: سلمان الفارسي) (b. ? - d. 36/656-7) was a companion of prophet Muhammad (s) and of Imam Ali (a). The Prophet (s) liked him and said about him, "Salman is one of us, the Ahl al-Bay