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Battle of Nahrawan

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Battle of Nahrawan
Date 38/658
Location Nahrawan, Iraq
Result Imam 'Ali (a) won
Cause Protest of Khawarij against Imam 'Ali (a) on the issue of Hakamiyya
Imam 'Ali's army Khawarij (Mariqun)
Imam 'Ali (a) 'Abd Allah b. Wahb al-Rasibi
14000 4000
less than 9 were killed 500 ran away
most of them were killed

Battle of Nahrawān (Arabic: معركة النهروان) was among the battles during the caliphate of Imam Ali (a) which happened after the battle of Siffin and following the event of Hakamiyya [arbitration] in Safar of 38/658. On one side of the battle was a group of people known as Mariqun or Khawarij. In this battle, Khawarij were defeated by the army of Imam Ali (a). It is said that less than ten soldiers from Khawarij could run away unharmed. Among them, 'Abd al-Rahman b. Muljam al-Muradi, the murderer of Imam Ali (a).

Emergence of Khawarij

According to some reports, at the time of the battle of Jamal and then in the battle of Siffin before the event of Hakamiyya (arbitration), Khawarij were in the army of Imam Ali (a).[1] Generally, their emergence is thought to date back to the event of Hakamiyya. Some reports have considered the emergence of Khawarij after the declaration of the verdicts of the two judges. When Mu'awiya's army raised copies of the holy Qur'an on their spears in the battle of Siffin and demanded going to the Qur'an, regardless of the opposition of Imam (a), m