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Zayd b. Sawhan

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Companion of Imam (a)
Zayd b. Sawhan
Full Name Zayd b. Sawhan b. Hijr
Companion of Imam Ali (a)
Teknonym Abu Salman and Abu 'Abd Allah
Religious Affiliation Shi'a
Lineage 'Abd al-Qays
Wellknown Relatives Sa'sa'a b. Sawhan (brother)
Place(s) of Residence Kufa
Martyrdom 36/656
Cause of Martyrdom Battle of Jamal

Zayd b. Ṣawḥān (martyred in 36/656) was among the martyrs of the Battle of Jamal. Zayd was among the standard-bearers of Imam Ali (a) who invited the people of Kufa to support Imam (a) in the battle. In this battle, he carried the flag of 'Abd al-Qays tribe and was martyred. Some sources mentioned his ascesis and so much worships.

Some sources considered him among the companions of the Prophet (s).


Zayd b. Sawhan b. Hijr was from 'Abd al-Qays tribe. His teknonym was "Abu Salman" and "Abu 'Abd Allah". Zayd was the elder brother of Sa'sa'a b. Sawhan.

The Time of the Prophet (s) and Caliphs

Some sources considered Zayd among the companions of the Prophet (s) and some others considered him among the Followers (Tabi'un).

In a speech, the Prophet (s) mentioned a person called Zayd a part of whose body would go to the paradise sooner than his body and later his body would be taken to the paradise. Sources considered this speech about Zayd whose hand was cut in the battle with Iran.

Zayd loved Salman Farsi so much, and thus was given the teknonym of Abu Salman.

Zayd was among the people of Kufa who were exiled to Syria by 'Uthman. However, because of his lenient conversation he had with Mu'awiya, he was returned to Kufa.

In a speech, he advised 'Uthman, "you went too far and your people too went too far. Act moderately so that they act moderately too." However, he considered himself obedient to him.