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Abu Dujana

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Abu Dujana
Personal Information
Full Name Samāk b. Aws b. Kharasha b. Lawdhān
Teknonym Abu Dujana
Lineage Banu Sa'ida
Muhajir/Ansar Ansar
Death/Martyrdom 12/633
Cause of Death/Martyrdom Battle against Musaylama al-Kadhdhab
Religious Information
Presence at Ghazwas Badr, Uhud, and other ghazwas

Samāk b. Aws b. Kharasha b. Lawdhān (Arabic: سماک بن اوس بن خَرَشَة بن لوذان) (b. ? - d. 12/633), famous as Abū Dujāna is of Ansar and companions of the Prophet (s). He participated in the battles of Badr, Uhud and other Ghazwas (battles) and was among the few companions who stood beside the Prophet (s) in the Battle of Uhudand and protected him despite the progress and victories of the pagan enemies. He was martyred in a battle against Musaylama al-Kadhdhab in 12/633.

As a Companion of the Prophet (s)

He was one of the Helpers (Ansar) and from Banu Sa'ida tribe. He took part in the battles of Badr, Uhud and other Ghazwas (battles).

In the battle of Uhud, the Prophet (s) gave a sword to Abu Dujana. He displayed great courage and perseverance and was among the few who, in spite of Quraysh's surprise attack, stayed with the Prophet (s) to protect him; therefore, the Prophet (s) prayed for him.

In the year 4/625 and after Muslims prevailed over the Jews of Banu Nadir; the Prophet (s) divided the booty among the Emigrant (Muhajirin) only, but since Abu Dujana and Sahl b. Hunayf were poor, he gave each a share.

After the Prophet (s)

After the demise of the Prophet (s), Abu Dujana participated in the battle of Yamama in 12/633.

He also participated in the Battle against the Apostates. When the followers of Musaylama al-Kadhdhab had taken refuge in a garden, Abu Dujana encouraged Muslims to fight against them and as a result of his bravery and perseverance, Muslims could occupy the garden.


It's been narrated that Abu Dujana wounded Musaylama and fought with courage till he was martyred by Musaylama's followers; however, according to one account, he was martyred by Musaylama himself.

Name Confusion

The similarity between the names of Abu Dujana (Samak b. Aws b. Kharasha), who was a companion of the Prophet (s), and Samak b. Makhrima al-Asadi, who was one of 'Uthmanians who disassociated himself from Imam Ali (a), and Samak b. Kharasha al-Ju'fi, misled some historians into believing that Abu Dujana participated in the Battle of Siffin.


  • The material for this article is mainly taken from ابودجانه in Farsi WikiShia.