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Arqam b. Abi Arqam

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Arqam b. Abi Arqam
Personal Information
Full Name Arqam b. 'Abd Manaf
Teknonym Abu 'Abd Allah
Muhajir/Ansar Muhajir
Place(s) of Residence MeccaMedina
Death/Martyrdom 55/675
Religious Information
Presence at Ghazwas Battle of Badr, Battle of Uhud, and other ghazwas
Migration to Medina

Abū ʿAbd Allāh Arqam b. ʿAbd Manāf (Arabic:أبوعَبْدُ الله أرْقَم بْن عَبْد مَناف) (d. 55/675) was a companion of Prophet Muhammad (s). According to a narration, he was the seventh person who converted to Islam. After the migration of the Prophet (s) from Mecca to Medina, he made a bond of brotherhood between Arqam b. Arqam and Zayd b. Sahl. He attended the battles of Badr, Uhud, and some other Ghazwas. Arqam also narrated hadiths from Prophet Muhammad (s). He was famous for having a house on hillside of Mount Safa in Mecca, where new Muslims gathered and the Prophet (s) invited people to Islam.


Arqam's mother, Umayma, the daughter of Harath b. Hibala, is from Khuza'a tribe; and his father, Abu l-Arqam, 'Abd Manaf b. Asad (Abu Jundab) b. 'Abd Allah b. 'Amr b. al-Makhzum was from Banu Makhzum, a tribe of Quraysh.

Amongst the First Muslims

According to a narration, recounted from children of Arqam, Arqam was the seventh person who converted to Islam. However, based on Ibn Isḥaq narration, Arqam is mentioned after eight persons who converted to Islam after Abu Bakr. Arqam converted along with Abu Salama, Abu 'Ubayda al-Jarrah, and 'Uthman b. Maz'un.

Arqam was famous for having his house on hillside of Mount Safa in Mecca where early Muslims gathered and Prophet Muhammad (s) invited others to Islam. It is said a large number of Muslims converted to Islam in Arqam's house.

Attending Ghazwas

Arqam attended the battles of Badr and Uhud along with other Ghazwas. Although the Prophet (s) told Muslims to return t