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This article is about a mountain in Medina. For the battle took place near this mountain, see Battle of Uhud.
The location of Mount Uhud to the north of Medina

Mount ʾUḥud (Arabic: جبل أُحُد) is a red mountain located 4 kilometers north of the mosque of the Prophet (Masjid al-Nabi). People of Medina have had farms and gardens near it. The Battle of Uhud occurred beside this mountain.

Cause of its fame

Mount Uhud's fame is totally as a consequence of the battle of Uhud occurred next to it between the companions of the Prophet (s) and pagans of Mecca.

Reason for Naming Uhud

There are several opinions why it is called Uhud. Some say it is called Uhud because it is separated from other mountains around. It is also said that Allah wanted to name it Uhud because Ansar fought beside it supporting tawhid (the words Uhud and Tawhid have the same root "و ح د" in Arabic). It is written that it was called "Anqad" in the Age of Ignorance". Prophet Muhammad (s) loved this mount and said:

"Mount Uhud loves us and we love it."

The tomb of Hamza, the prophet's uncle, martyred in the battle of Uhud, is next to Mount Uhud.

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  • The material for this article is mainly taken from کوه احد in Farsi Wikishia.