Amanat may refer to one of these subjects:

  • Al-Amana Verse, the verse seventy-two of Qur'an 33 which refers to a Trust (al-Amana) which was offered to the sky and the Earth, they refused to bear it, but the human carried or assumed it.
  • Al-Amanat Verse, the verse fifty-eight of Qur'an 4.
  • Shar'i trust, is a jurisprudential term for money that is placed in the possession of the trustee by the order of Shari'a ruler, without the permission of the owner.
  • Ownership trust, Assets in which possession permission is given to another person by the owner in the form of a special contract.
  • Wadi'a or Deposit is a kind of trust and contract according to which a person entrusts his property to others to keep it for free.
  • Bailment is entrusting something as a trust to a trusted person.
  • Betryal of Amana or Malversation, is a corrupt behavior in a position of trust (Amana).
  • Amin, a title of the Prophet Muhammad (s), with which he was known years before his rise to prophethood.