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Islamic Centre of England is among important centers in England to promote Shi'a. Its activities include promotional and educational activities about the Qur'an, primary and secondary principles of religion and organizing religious gatherings.

Initiation and Activities

The Islamic Centre of England in London was initiated on the Eid Mab'ath in 1998 as a charity institute. Like other Islamic centers in England, this center engages in educational and promotional activities about the Qur'an, primary and secondary principles of religion and organizing religious gatherings and regarding facilities and variety of programs, it is considered among the most successful and active centers of Shi'a especially Iranians. In special occasions such as the days of Ramadan, nights of Qadr, mourning days of Muharram and Safar and Eids and occasions on demises of the Ahl al-Bayt (a), this center hosts thousands of the lovers of the Ahl al-Bayt (a).

Organizing Conferences

By cooperating with other major Islamic institutes of London, every year the Islamic Centre of England organizes various conferences, gatherings and meetings in which Islamic thinkers and scholars of different schools of thought exchange their opinions. These sessions which aim to remove questions and misunderstandings about Islam have always been welcomed by Muslim groups and organizations.

Beside cultural and religious activities and organizing different gatherings, this center is also daily referred to by Shi'a and especially Iranians who seek answer for their religious questions or seek services about marriage, divorce and family consultation.

Affiliated Centers

Some other cultural-educational institutes are also affiliated to the Islamic Centre of England such as the Qur'an Educational Institute, Spring Institute and the Institute for Islamic Studies.

The Institute for Islamic Studies (IIS) in cooperation with other Islamic research centers at universities in the UK, tries to engage in scientific discussions and publish research papers and treatises. So far, some of the works of Imam Khomeini and Shahid Mutahhari have been translated into English and published by this center.

Some Islamic centers in other cities of the UK including the Manchester Islamic Centre, Imam Reza (a) Cultural Centre in Birmingham, Sakina Trust in London, the Islamic Centre of Newcastle and Al-Huda Islamic Centre of Glasgow which engage in promotional, cultural and educational affairs are directed under supervision of the Islamic Center of England.

The Islamic Centre of England also has a bookstore which provides different religious, cultural and educational materials for Muslims in London and other cities of the UK.

Director of the Center

The first director of the center was Muhsin Araki, then Abd al-Husayn Mu'izzi became the director of the center and currently Mohammad Ali Shomali is the director of the center.

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