Muhammad Taqi Ansariyan

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Muhammad Taqi Ansariyan
Full NameMuhammad Taqi Ansariyan
Well-known AsFounder of Ansarian Publication
Religious AffiliationTwelver Shia
Well-known RelativesHusayn Ansariyan (cousin)
BirthJune 30, 1946
DeathAugust 17, 2022
Burial PlaceHoly shrine of Lady Ma'suma (a)
WorksFaqih-i mu'assis, Didaban-i madhhab, Ihyagar-i Arba'in, Ashnay-i asiman, Marja'-i muttaqin

Muḥammad Taqī Anṣarīyan (Persian: محمدتقی انصاریان), (b. 1946 - d. 2022) was the founder of Ansarian Publication, which publishes and distributes Islamic and Shiite books in different languages in the international arena. He also published translations of the Qur'an in seventeen languages.

Muhammad Taqi Ansariyan has works, most of which describe the history of Shi'a scholars. The historian Rasul Ja'fariyan (b. 1964) has mentioned the collection of new documents as one of the characteristics of Ansariyan works. Muhammad Taqi Ansariyan was the cousin of Husayn Ansariyan, an Iranian famous preacher.


Muhammad Taqi Ansariyan, whose full name is Muhammad Taqi Ansariyan Khwansari, Shiite writer and founder of Ansariyan Publication, was born on June 30, 1946. He is the cousin of Husayn Ansariyan, a Shiite cleric and preacher. He wrote the books Chikida-yi hayat: a brief review of his personal life and Chikida-yi hayat wa a'ina-yi farhang as autobiographies.


Ansariyan died on August 17, 2022 after a period of illness and was buried on August 28 in the Shrine of lady Fatima al-Ma'suma (a) after the prayer over his dead body was performed by Ja'far Subhani, one of the Shi'a religious authorities.

Nasir Makarim Shirazi, a Shi'a Marja' and Ali Rida A'rafi, director of Iranian Seminaries, issued messages of condolence for Ansariyan’s death.

Book publication

Ansariyan worked in the international department of Dar al-Tabligh Islami in his youth between 1969 and 1974. After that, he published books in Arabic and English independently under the title of Shafaq Publication.

Ansariyan Publication

After the Iranian Islamic Revolution, Muhammad Taqi Ansariyan founded Ansariayn Publication and published Islamic and Shiite books in various languages such as Persian, English, Urdu, French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Swahili, and published 1200 titles of books. He also distributed the works published in his publication in the international arena and participated in international exhibitions in Iraq, Malaysia, Russia, Sudan, Morocco, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He also translated, printed and published the Qur'an in seventeen languages and in the first decade of the 21st century, he was introduced as the "Servant of the Qur'an" and won the title of the best publisher of Iran.

Ansariyan Publication was also the exclusive publisher of the works of Ibrahim Amini, the vice-chairman of the Assembly of Experts and the Imam of Friday prayer in Qom at that time.


Ansariyan wrote about thirty books, most of which are biographies of Shiite scholars. Rasul Ja'fariyan, a historian, considered his works to be the collection of new documents. Some of his works are as follows: