Tafsir al-muhit al-a'zam (book)

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Tafsir al-muhit al-a'zam (book)
Bibliographical Information
Bibliographical Information
AuthorAl-Sayyid Haydar al-Amuli
Original titleتفسیر المحیط الأعظم و البحر الخضم في تأویل کتاب الله العزیز المحکم
Series7 vol.
SubjectExegesis of Qur'an
PublisherNur 'Ala Nur

Tafsīr al-muḥīṭ al-aʿẓam wa l-baḥr al-khiḍamm fī taʾwīl kitab Allah al-ʿazīz al-muḥkam (Arabic: تفسیر المحیط الأعظم و البحر الخضم في تأویل کتاب الله العزیز المحکم) is a commentary on the Qur'an written by al-Sayyid Haydar al-Amuli, the Shi'a scholar of 8th/14th century. In the commentary of verses, only the first and second volumes of which are available in manuscript in the library of Ayatollah Mar'ashi Najafi, Sayyid Haydar followed the mystical approach based on the school of the Ahl al-Bayt (a).


Al-Sayyid Haydar al-Amuli was a mystic of 8th/14th century. Based on his writings, the date of his birth can be 719/1319-20 or 720/1320-1. He studied rational and traditional sciences first in Amol, and then, in Khorasan, Astarabad and Isfahan and then returned to his birthplace around the age of 25. Upon his return, the ruler of Tabaristan, Fakhr al-Dawla greatly respected him and appointed him as his minister.


"Al-Muhit al-a'zam wa l-bahr al-khidamm fi ta'wil Kitab Allah al-'aziz al-muhkam" is the name which the author gave the book after writing the seven preliminary parts and beginning the commentary on Sura Fatihat al-Kitab (Qur'an 2). Apparently, this is the complete and reasonable name of the book and thus, Sayyid Muhsin Musawi Tabrizi mentioned this title for the book.

Al-Muhit al-a'zam wa l-tawd al-ashamm fi ta'wil Kitab Allah al-'Aziz al-muhkam: This is the name, the author has mentioned in the introduction of Nass al-nusus.

Al-Muhit al-a'zam wa l-bahr al-khidam: This name is mentioned on the first page after the phrase "and I named it…"; but, since this special sentence is not written by the handwriting of the author, it cannot be trusted.[1]

Date and Goal of Writing

al-Sayyid Haydar al-Amuli finished writing this book in 7 volumes in 777/1375-6.[2] Al-Sayyid Haydar mentioned "divine order to him" as the reason for writing this commentary.[3]

Missing parts of the Volumes

Of the seven volumes, only the first volume which contains the seven comprehensive preliminary parts and the second volume which contains the commentary on Qur'an 1 and a part of Qur'an 2 are available and the other 5 volumes which contained the rest of the commentary are not available and there is no information about them.[4]


This commentary is published in 4 volumes, containing the preliminary parts and the introduction and gloss of Sayyid Muhsin Musawi Tabrizi by the cultural institute Nur 'Ala Nur and reached its 3rd reprint in 1380 sh/2001-2.


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