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Islamic Institute of New York

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Islamic Institute of New York

The Islamic Institute of New York (IINY) is a non-for-profit organization which offers religious and cultural services to Muslim communities in New York and the Tri-State area. The Islamic Institute is established and registered under New York Religious Corporation Law.

The Islamic Institute of New York occupies a multi-storey building containing well over 36,000 square feet. The building was constructed by the Alavi Foundation and, pursuant to usage agreements, its use has been granted by the Alavi Foundation to the Islamic Institute.


The goals of the Islamic Institute include:

  1. Providing religious and cultural education;
  2. Establishing a Masjid (a place of worship and prayer);
  3. Disseminating religious knowledge through classes of instruction on Qur'an, Hadith, and Sirah of the Prophet (s) and his Household (a);
  4. Teaching Islamic Shari'a;
  5. Presenting religious discourses and seminars;
  6. Observing religious ceremonies, Eids, and mournings;
  7. Providing religious and cultural services such as weddings and mourning ceremonies;
  8. Performing charitable and benevolent community services;
  9. Providing suitable programs for the youths.

Strengthening the spirit of brotherhood among Muslims and cooperation with other Islamic groups and organizations in the United States constitute objectives which the Islamic Institute will strive to achieve.

Organizational Structure

The Islamic Institute of New York is composed of a Board of Trustees, a General Body, a Board of Directors, a Resident A’lim and various planning committees. Duties, responsibilities and authorities of each of these units are discussed in detail in the certificate of incorporation of the Islamic Institute as well as in its bylaws.


The Muslim community in the United States, particularly in the New York and Tri-State area are invited to provide intellectual and financial assistance in terms if opinions, suggestions, and tax deductible donations to the Islamic Institute of New York to help it achieve its Islamic/Cultural goals.

The Islamic Institute is especially grateful to the Alavi Foundation for their past charitable contributions without which the Islamic Institute of New York would not have been able to function. The Institute recognizes and appreciates the financial support of the Alavi Foundation and depends on its continual support both presently and in the future.[1]


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