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Islamic Education Center (Washington)

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Islamic Education Center (IEC) Incorporation in Potomac, Maryland is one of the most active Islamic center of the East coast, USA. It is a non-profit, registered religious organization and aims at serving the immigrant Muslim community in the Potomac and the surrounding Washington Area.


The Islamic Education Center (IEC) Incorporation was established in 1998 as non-profit institute.

It uses the property which were owned by Alavi Foundation of New York through a Master Agreement. The mentioned property was also known as IEC which was established in 1981 with missions similar to IEC Inc. mission but it was run directly by Alavi Foundation.

Mission and Goals

According to the website of the center,

"The mission of the center is to promote Islam through culture and belief." Elsewhere, it is added that, "The center holds further Islamic activities to promote unity and to serve the needs of community members and the community at large."

And further stating, "The center seeks the participation of all concerned Muslims to provide for the needs of the community whether it be of a scientific, financial, spiritual or cultural nature. The Islamic Education Center promotes unity and invites all to serve Islam by taking an active role in the development of the Islamic society in which they reside."

To achieve its goals, the center holds classes as well as educational and cultural meetings.

All activities of the center are run through community members and volunteers' financial support and donations.

Regular Programs

The center holds daily Maghrib and Isha prayers. On Tuesday nights, after prayers, there are Tafsir class and then Du'a Tawassul is recited. On Thursday nights, there is a lecture on Islamic ethics based on Mi'raj al-sa'ada and then Du'a al-Kumayl is recited. The center also holds Friday prayer. On Friday nights, a questions and answers session about miscellaneous topics follows narration of stories from Qur'an and Nahj al-balagha.

Facilities and Accommodations

A full time school (since 1986) called the Muslim Community School (MCS) serving grades "K" to high school also runs in affiliation with the IEC. There is an online library on the center's website which holds both Persian and English titles.

The center has rooms open for individual prayer. There is a partial barrier separating genders for congregations. Parking and adequate restrooms are also available at the center.


Congregants of the center are predominantly Iranians and Persian speakers; however, the center has many English services.

Contact Information

Postal address: 7917, Montrose Road, Potomac, Maryland 20854