Al-Ghadir fi al-turath al-Islami (book)

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Al-Ghadir fi al-turath al-Islami
AuthorSayyid Abd al-Aziz Tabataba'i
Original titleالْغَدیر فِی التُّراثِ الْاسْلامی
Series1 Vol.
SubjectList of the works about the Event of Ghadir
PublisherDar al-Muarrikh al-Arabi, Beirut

Al-Ghadīr fī al-turāth al-Islamī (Arabic: الغدیر فی التراث الاسلامی) is a book in Arabic written by Sayyid Abd al-Aziz Tabataba'i (d. 1416/1996). He listed the books about Ghadir from the second/eighth century until the fifteenth/twenty first century based on their dates of publication, together with a complete introduction of each book and the biography of their authors. The first list was published for the first time in the journal Turathuna with the introduction of 125 books and was later completed by Muhaqqiq Tabataba'i. Al-Ghadir fi al-turath al-Islami was once published in Beirut and was once again published in Iran in 1373 sh/1994-5 by al-Hadi Publications.

The Method of Writing

The journal Turathuna which is published by Al al-Bayt (a) Institute in Qom, published a special issue about Ghadir for a congress held in London by the order of Ayatullah al-Khoei,. For that issue, Muhaqqiq Tabataba'i was asked to write an article about the books written about Ghadir. Thus, Muhaqqiq Tabataba'i made a research and introduced 125 books with their dates of writing and their authors. That article was published in issue no. 21 of Turathuna (Dhu l-Hijja 1410/1990) with the title "al-Ghadir fi turath al-Islami".

Completion of the Work

After the publication of the article, the author began completing it and the number of books in the updated list reached 162. This made the article to be published as an independent book in Beirut, where Dar al-Mu'arrikh al-Arabi published it in 1414/1993-4.

One year later, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Iran published it in Dhu al-Hijja 1415/1995 since the the International Book Fair was held concurrent with Eid al-Ghadir. At the beginning of the mentioned book, there is an article by Sayyid Abd al-Aziz Tabataba'i with the title of "Hadith al-Ghadir, ruwatu-hu kathirun li l-ghaya…qalilun li l-ghaya" which is adopted from his speeches in the congress of Ghadir in London. In this article, Muhaqqiq mentioned the authenticity of hadith al-Gahdir and that the number of its transmitters based on chains of hadiths transmission is 120. He mentioned that this is a great number of transmitters and that even half of this number of transmitters for a hadith makes it "mutawatir" (frequently transmitted), but it is still very little comparing to the great number of people who were present on the "Day of Ghadir" and heard this hadith from the Prophet (s) and then he mentions about its reasons.

This article was published in issue seven of "al-Musim" magazine in 1411/1990-1 for the first time.

Translation and Publication

Mahdi Ja'fari translated a summarized version of the book into Persian and Chehel Sotun Publications published it in 1411/1990-1 in Tehran. It was once published in 1414/1993-4 by Dar al-Mu'arrikh al-Arabi and once again al-Hadi Publication published it in 1373 sh/1994-5.