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Jirjis (a)

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Jirjīs al-Nabī (a) (Arabic: جِرْجیس النَبی) was, according to some Islamic sources, a prophet who emerged after Prophet Jesus (a) and before Islam. According to some other sources, he was a righteous servant of God who hid his faith. He is also introduced as one of the Apostles of Jesus (a). In his Bihar al-anwar, al-Allama al-Majlisi cites the story of Jirjis (a), but considers it as undocumented because it is not confirmed in hadiths from the Infallibles (a), although in some books of supplications, "Jirjis" is mentioned along with other prophets.

In historical sources, Jirjis (a) is said to be from Palestine or Rome. He was a generous merchant who frequently donated money to needy people.

On some accounts, Jirjis (a) went to Syria to guide its idol-worshiping unjust king to the right path. However, there are other accounts according to which he donated his money and migrated to Syria and its ruler in order to protect his faith. After meeting the king of Syria, Jirjis (a) called him to worship God and abandon idolatry. When Jirjis (a) refused to honor the idols, the king ordered his torture and execution.

After the murder, Jirjis (a) came to life again. The king ordered his execution again. This happened three times. In the fourth time, he cursed the king of Syria and his people and asked God to let him die to be emancipated from pains.

Some sources take the story of Jirjis (a) to be inspired by the character of Saint George, who was known among Christians as a Divine and legendary figure.


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