List of Letters of Nahj al-balagha

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The list of Letters in Nahj al-balagha

  1. To people of Kufa upon going out of Medina toward Basra
  2. To people of Kufa after the victory of Basra
  3. To Shurayh, his judge
  4. To one of the officers of his army
  5. To al-Ash'ath b. Qays
  6. To Mu'awiya
  7. To Mu'awiya
  8. To Jarir b. 'Abd Allah al-Bajali, upon sending him to Mu'awiya
  9. To Mu'awiya
  10. To Mu'awiya
  11. Given to the army sent to confront the enemy.
  12. To Ma'qil b. Qays
  13. To two of the officers in his army
  14. To his soldiers before confronting the enemy in the Battle of Siffin
  15. When he (a) faced an enemy
  16. Upon the commencement of the battle
  17. In reply to a letter from Mu'awiya
  18. To 'Abd Allah b. al-'Abbas
  19. To one of his agents
  20. To Ziyad, governor of Basra
  21. To Ziyad
  22. To 'Abd Allah b. al-'Abbas
  23. His advice a little before his martyrdom
  24. His will about his property
  25. To one of his officers whom he sent for the collection of zakat
  26. To one of his officers of collecting zakat
  27. To Muhammad b. Abi Bakr
  28. To Mu'awiya
  29. To the People of Basra
  30. To Mu'awiya
  31. To his son, Imam al-Hasan (a)
  32. To Mu'awiya
  33. To Qutham b. al-'Abbas
  34. To Muhammad b. Abi Bakr
  35. To 'Abd Allah b. al-'Abbas
  36. To 'Aqil b. Abi Talib
  37. To Muawiyah
  38. To the people of Egypt
  39. To 'Amr b. al-'As
  40. To one of his agents
  41. To one of his agents
  42. To 'Umar b. Abu Salama al-Makhzumi
  43. To Masqala b. Hubayra
  44. To Ziyad, informing him of Mu'awiya's plot
  45. To 'Uthman b. Hunayf
  46. To one of his governors
  47. Will to his children
  48. To Mu'awiya
  49. To Mu'awiya
  50. To commanders of his army
  51. To his collectors of tax
  52. To the governors of cities
  53. To Malik al-Ashtar
  54. To Talha and al-Zubayr
  55. To Mu'awiya
  56. To Shurayh b. Hani
  57. To the people of Kufa
  58. To the people of various cities about the battle of Siffin
  59. To Aswad b. Qutayba
  60. To the officers through whose jurisdiction the army passed
  61. To Kumayl b. Ziyad
  62. To the people of Egypt on appointment of Malik al-Ashtar
  63. To Abu Musa al-Ash'ari
  64. To Mu'awiya
  65. To Mu'awiya
  66. To 'Abd Allah b. al-'Abbas
  67. To Qutham b. al-'Abbas
  68. To Salman al-Farsi
  69. To al-Harith al-Hamdani
  70. To Sahl b. Hunayf
  71. To Mundhir b. Jarud
  72. To 'Abd Allah b. al-'Abbas
  73. To Mu'awiya
  74. A treaty between Rabi'a tribe and Yemen
  75. To Mu'awiya
  76. To 'Abd Allah b. al-'Abbas
  77. To 'Abd Allah b. al-'Abbas
  78. To Abu Musa al-Ash'ari
  79. To commanders of the army