List of Prominent Figures of al-Ash'ari Family

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Al-Ash'ari were a tribe from Yemen who were living in Kufa. A number of their members were Companions of Prophet Muhammad (s). Some hadith narrators and religious scholars in the second and third century after Hijra were from al-Ash'ari family. It is an honor for them that they converted to Islam before the Conquest of Mecca. They had fought alongside Ahl al-Bayt (a) in the battles and supported them greatly, including the Battle of Siffin and the Uprising of al-Mukhtar.

As Al-Hajjaj b. Yusuf al-Thaqafi treated al-Ash'ari family harshly and tried to prosecute them, they were forced to migrate from Kufa to Iran and they chose to live in Qom, where they expanded Shi'ism.

Prominent Figures