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Sahm al-sādat or Share of Sayyids (Arabic: سهم السادات) is a part of khums which is given to needy sayyids (descendants of Banu Hashim).

Shi'a jurists refer to the verse of khums[1] and consider a part of khums belonging to needy sayyids which is known as "sahm al-sadat". They interpret "orphans", "the needy" and "the traveler" in this verse, such people in descendants of Banu Hashim.[2]

According to Muhammad Hasan al-Najafi, the author of Jawahir al-kalam, most Shi'a jurists believe that "sahm sadat" only belongs to those whose lineage reach Hashim b. 'Abd Manaf from their father's side and a person whose mother is sayyid will not have sahm sadat.[3]

There is no agreement about the manner of paying sahm al-sadat. Most marja's believe that it should be given to the religious authority or marja' or pay to needy sayyids with his permission; however, some others do not consider the permission of mujtahid, a reqirement and believe that it can be given directly to needy sayyids.[4]

The philosophy behind dedication of a share of khums to sayyids is considered to be a compensation for the prohibition of paying charity for non-sayyids to them.

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