Abu l-'As b. Rabi'

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Abu l-'As b. Rabi'
Personal Information
Full Name Abu l-'As b. Rabi' b. 'Abd al-'Uzza b. 'Abd al-Shams
Kunya Abu l-'As
Lineage Form Quraysh tribe
Well-Known Relatives The son-in-law of the Holy Prophet (s), the nephew of Khadija, the husband of Zaynab
Muhajir/Ansar Muhajir
Place(s) of Residence Mecca, Medina
Death/Martyrdom 12 / 634
Religious Information
Migration to Medina

Abū l-ʿAṣ b. Rabīʿ b. ʿAbd al-ʿUzzā b. ʿAbd al-Shams (Arabic: ابُوالعاص بن رَبیع بن عَبدالعُز‌ّی بن عَبدالشَّمس), (d. Dhu al-Hijja, 12 / February, 634), was the son-in-law of the Holy Prophet (s) and the nephew (sister's son) of Khadija al-Kubra. He was captured by Muslims in the Battle of Badr and converted to Islam around 6/ 627-8.


He was known by his nickname, Abu l-'As. There are different reports about his real name in the sources. Some named him Qasim or Muqassim and some named him Hashim or Muhashshim, but mostly believed that his name was Laqit.

Captive of Muslims

Before Bi'that, Abu l-'As married Zaynab, the eldest daughter of the Holy Prophet (s), and after Bi'that, although Khadija and her daughters converted to Islam, he remained a polytheist. He was a trustworthy, wealthy businessman and very famous in Mecca. He participated in the battle of Badr in polytheists' lines and was captured by Muslims. When people of Mecca paid ransom to free their captives, Zaynab sent the ransom of Abu l-'As to Medina, which included a necklace she had inherited from Khadija. It is said that when the Holy Prophet (s) saw it, he got upset remembering Khadija, and after getting agreement of Muslims, freed Abu l-'As and sent the ransom back to Zaynab and take Abu l-'As's promise to let Zaynab free. After he returned to Mecca, he sent Zaynab along with the Holy Prophet's companions to Medina.

Conversion to Islam

In Jumada I of 6/October 627, he headed to Levant with a caravan of people of Mecca and their capital. The caravan could not resist against Muslim's attack led by Zayd b. Haritha, so some of them fled and some were captured. Abu l-'As was able to flee, get to Medina at night and take refuge at Zaynab's house. Zaynab harbored him and reported the incident to the Holy Prophet (s) at Muslims presence in the mosque and the Holy Prophet (s) granted him the asylum. Asked by Zaynab, the Holy Prophet (s) ordered to return the caravan to the polytheists. Abu l-'As returned to Mecca with the caravan and announced that he converted to Islam.

Return to Medina

After a while, he retuned to Medina and in Muharram of 7/May 628 the Holy Prophet (s) sent him to Zayanb based on their previous marriage contraction. However, it is said that there was a new marriage contraction with new mahr. Their marriage led to a son named " Ali" and a girl named "Amama" who later got married to Imam Ali (a).

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