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Al-Barqi Family

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Āl-Barqī Family (Arabic: آل البرقي) was a Shiite family in Qom in the 3rd/9th and 4th/10th centuries. Several Shiite scholars were from this family. They migrated from Kufa to Iran and resided in the area of Barqrud near Qom, which is why they came to be known as "al-Barqi". The best-known person in this family was Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Barqi, the author of the book, al-Mahasin.

Origins of al-Barqi Family

According to al-Najashi in his al-Rijal, the origins of al-Barqi family trace back to Kufa. Also in his biography of Muhammad b. Khalid al-Barqi, al-Najashi says: "he was Abu Musa al-Ash'ari's mawla [that is, an emancipated slave], attributed to Barqa Rud around Qom". According to other sources, he was Hariz b. 'Abd Allah's mawla. Their being mawlas shows that they had been slaves and were then emancipated by their owners, and this makes it difficult to know their ancestors, tribes and their early pedigree. However, given that both Abu Musa al-Ash'ari and Hariz b. 'Abd Allah lived in Kufa in the period of Imam 'Ali (a), they were considered as being from Kufa.

Al-Barqi Family
'Abd al-Rahman
Ahmad (author of
Muhammad b. Abi l-Qasim
(Son in law)
'Abd Allah
(author of Rijal al-Barqi)
(al-Saduq's teacher)

Migration to Qom

The grandfather of al-Barqi family, Muhammad b. 'Ali, was captivated after the Uprising of Zayd b. 'Ali b. al-Husayn (a) by Yusuf b. 'Amr, the ruler of Kufa, and was finally martyred after enduring severe tortures. After this, his son, 'Abd al-Rahman, migrated from Kufa to Barqrud in Qom together with his son, Khalid, who was a child then.

Because of their residence in Barqrud of Qom they came to be known as al-Barqi. They are known as a family of fiqh and hadith. Ahmad and his father were well-known scholars and hadith narrators from this family.


According to al-Najashi in his al-Rijal, Barqrūd (برق‌رود) was somewhere surrounding Qom, near a river to which rain waters flew. According to Yaqut al-Hamawi, Barqa (برقه) was a village near Qom (see his Mu'jam al-buldan, under the entry, Barqa). This place does not seem to have existed for a long time. Other than al-Barqi family, there are other people who are known as al-Barqi as well. They might be attributed to Barqrud in Qom or to other places with the same name.

After the migration of the Ash'ari tribe to Qom, al-Barqi family moved to Qom, because they had attachments.

Scholars of al-Barqi Family

  • Hasan b. Khalid and Abu l-Qasim Fadl b. Khalid.
  • Muhammad b. Abi l-Qasim Majilawayh was Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Khalid’s son in law. He was a reliable narrator of hadiths.
  • 'Ali b. 'Ala' b. Fadl b. Khalid
  • 'Ali b. Ahmad b. 'Abd Allah b. Ahmad al-Barqi, was Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Khalid’s great grandson.


The material for this article is mainly taken from خاندان برقی in Farsi Wikishia.