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Hammalat al-hatab

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Ḥammālat al-ḥaṭab (Arabic: حمالة الحطب) is a Qur'anic title for the wife of Abu Lahab, meaning "the firewood carrier." Abu Lahab's wife was Umm Jamil, Abu Sufyan's sister and Mu'awiya's aunt. Her name is mentioned as Arwa, Jamil, and Sakhra.

About the reason why such a description has been used, the following issues have been mentioned:

  • Umm Jamil carried thorny bushes from the desert and when the Prophet (s) went to mosque for prayer, she threw them in front of his feet to hurt him.
  • She prepared the hellfire and its firewood for herself with her actions.
  • She mocked the Prophet (s) as a poor person, so God mocked her with the mentioned title.
  • This title in the Qur'an refers to her gossiping.

In any case, the above-mentioned aspects do not disagree with each other and can all be considered as the implications of the verse.