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Hud (a)

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Hud (a)
Name in
the Qur'an:
Hud (a)
Place of Birth: Ahqaf
Place(s) of
Burial place: Ahqaf
Name of People: people of 'Ad
Before: Prophet Salih (a)
After: Prophet Noah (a)
Repeat in
the Qur'an:
7 times
Punishment of the people of 'Ad with a freezing gale

Hūd (a) (Arabic: هود) was the prophet of the people of 'Ad and his name is mentioned seven times in the Qur'an and a sura of the Qur'an is named after him. He is considered among the descendants of the Prophet Noah (a). Hud (a) was himself from the people of 'Ad, the story of whose punishment is mentioned in the Qur'an.

People of 'Ad were the first people after people of Noah (a), who became polytheist despite having many blessings and were thus punished by God. From the people of 'Ad, only the Prophet Hud (a) and some believers survived. Some claimed that the story of Hud (a) and his people is not mentioned in any of divine books and only the Qur'an has mentioned it.


The shrine attributed to the prophets Hud (a) and Salih (a) in Wadi l-Salam cemetery.

Prophet Hud (a) was one of twenty six prophets whose names are mentioned in the Qur'an.[1] God mentioned him 7 times in the Qur'an.[2]

Hud (a) was among the descendants of Noah (a). His lineage to Noah (a) is mentioned as the son of 'Abd Allah, son of Riyah (or Ribah), son of Halut (Khulud), son of 'Ad, son of Aws (Uz), son of Aram, son of Sam (Shem), son of Noah (a).[3] In Qasas al-Anbiya', 'Abd al-Wahhab al-Najjar claimed that regarding the relationship between Prophet Hud (a) and Prophet Abraham (a), the mentioned lineage is the most acceptable.[4] Ibn Kathir too, claimed that Hud (a) was son of Shalakh (Shelah), son of Arpachshad, son of Sam (Shem), son of Noah (a).