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Lot (a)

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Lot (a)
مقام لوط(ع) در استان الخلیل.jpg
The Maqam of Prophet Lot (a) in al-Khalil, Palestine
Name in
the Qur'an:
Lot (a)
Name in
the Bible:
Lot (a)
Place(s) of
Babylon, Iraq and the land of "Mu'tafikat" in Palestine
Burial place: In Bani Na'im in al-Khalil province of Palestine
Name of People: People of Lut
Well known
His sister Sarah, the first wife of Prophet Abraham (a)
Prophet Abraham (a)
Religion: Monotheism
Repeat in
the Qur'an:
27 times
The divine punishment of the People of Lut

Lūṭ b. Haran or Lot b. Haran (Arabic: لوط) was a prophet whose people were punished for their Major Sins, such as sodomy. He lived in the period of the Prophet Abraham (a) and had a blood relation with him. After Abraham's call to monotheism in Babylon, Lot (a) and his sister, Sarah, came to believe in him.

After Abraham's decision to immigrate to the Hebrew land in Palestine, Lot (a) and Sarah joined him there. Lot (a) was commanded by God to go to the land of "Mu'tafikat" (overturned cities). People of "Mu'tafikat" committed sins such as sodomy. They ignored Lot's (a) warnings to quit their sins. Finally, Lot (a) left the land and the people suffered a divine punishment. Lot (a) is said to have been buried in Bani Na'im in al-Khalil province in Palestine.