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Fall of Adam (a) and Eve

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The fall of Ādam (a) and Eve or Hubūṭ (Arabic: هُبوط) is the ouster of Adam (a) and Eve from The Garden of Eden to the Earth. Some exegetes of the Qur'an interpreted the "Fall" not in physical or spatial terms as going out of the Heaven down to the Earth, rather in spiritual terms, that is, God has degraded the spiritual positions of Adam (a) and Eve, which is referred to as the "Fall". Other people believe that the Fall was not a punishment for Adam (a) and Eve, rather it was in their interest to fall to the Earth and undergo obligations and sufferings in order to achieve true happiness.

Literal and Terminological Meanings

The word, "hubut" (هبوط), literally means to fall down in a coercive way.[1] Sometimes, the word is used as a humiliation, e.g. in the case of Iblis.[2] And it is sometimes used as an honor,[3] for example, the word has been used in the case of the prophet Noah's (a) getting off his ship.[4] The word, "hubut", is also used in other meanings.[5]

Fall of Adam (a) and Eve: Terminologically, the word, "hubut", refers to the story of Adam (a) and Eve going out of the Heaven. The Qur'an narrates the story as follows: "He said, 'Get down both of you from it, all together".[6] After the Fall from the Heaven, Adam (a) and Eve resided on the Earth.

Some exegetes believe that divine obligations—commands and prohibitions—were not in place prior to the Fall.[7]

Fall of Iblis: Iblis was once ordered by God to go out of His kingdom after refusing to prostrate for Adam (a).[8] Once again, he was ordered to fall after tempting Adam (a) and Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit: "He said: So, fall from it".[9] Exegetes of the Qur'an provided different accounts to reconcile the two orders and to explain how Iblis entered the heaven while he was already ousted from the divine kingdom.[10]


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When Adam (a) and Eve resided in the heaven, God gave them the permission to eat the fruits of every tree in the garden. He only forbade them from approaching a certain tree and being deceived by the devil. Adam (a) and Eve were tempted by Iblis (Satan) and ate the fruit of th