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Yunus (a)

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Yunus (a)
The mosque & Tomb of Jonah, Mosul, Iraq.jpg
The mosque & Tomb of Jonah, Mosul, Iraq
Name in
the Qur'an:
Name in
the Bible:
Place(s) of
Before: Dhul-Kifl (a)
After: Elisha (a)
Religion: Monotheism
Repeat in
the Qur'an:
4 times.
Remaining in the belly of fish for 40 days

Yūnus (a) or Jonah (Arabic: یُونُس) was among the prophets attributed to Banu Israel who was swallowed by a whale after leaving the place of his mission. His name is mentioned four times in the Qur'an and a sura of the Qur'an is named after him. Based on historical and hadiths texts, Prophet Muhammad (s) praised Yunus (a) in his conversation with 'Addas, the Christian. The burial place of Yunus (a) is reported to be in Nineveh, north of Iraq, or near al-Khalil in Palestine. The supplication of Prophet Yunus (a) to rescue from inside the fish is known as al-Yunusiyya Dhikr.

The place of Yunus's (a) mission was in the ancient region of Nineveh in the north of Iraq. After the disobedience of the people of Nineveh and warning them about the punishment of God, Yunus (a) left his people and went to the sea and got on a ship. After the attack of a whale to the ship, passengers decided to give it one of the passengers as the food in order to escape from it. Yunus (a) was the result of the draw and was given to the whale as the food. By the will of God, the whale swallowed and held Yunus (a) in its belly. In the belly of the whale, Yunus (a) supplicated to God. By the order of God, the whale let Yunus (a) go after 40 days.