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Makatib al-a'imma (book)

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Makatib al-A'imma
Author Ayatollah Ahmadi Miyanaji
Original title مکاتیب الائمة ع
Language Arabic
Series 7 vols.
Published 1426/2005, Qom
Publisher Dar al-Hadith
Awards Book of the Year, Iran, 1387Sh/2009

Makātīb al-aʾimma (Arabic: مَکاتيب الأئِمَّة) (Letters of the Imams (a)) is a book by 'Ali Ahmadi Miyanaji (d.1421/2000) which is a collection of the Letters issued by the infallible Imams (a).


Main article: 'Ali Ahmadi Miyanaji

Ali Ahmadi Miyanaji is a contemporary scholar and professor at the Seminary of Qom. He was skilled in different disciplines like: Qur'anic exegesis, jurisprudence, History and Hadith. He authored several books in these areas.


After publishing a valuable work, Makatib al-rasul (Letters of the Prophet (s)), Ali Ahmadi Miyanaji started to collect the letters issued by the infallible Imams (a). Of total seven volumes, the first two volumes are dedicated to the letters of Imam 'Ali (a).


The author has collected whatever letter of the Imams he could find in different historical and traditional sources. He has cited all the references for each letter in the footnote. Of book's good features are: recording different accounts for each letter, biographies of important figures and occasional expressions of author's own opinion; though not as many as in his former book, Makatib al-Rasul.[1]


All letters of Imam 'Ali (a) are compiled in the first two volumes. Next two volumes comprise the letters of the following Imams to the seventh Imam (a). The fifth volume contains the letters of Imam al-Rida (a) and Imam al-Jawad (a). and the sixth volume includes the letters of the tenth Imam (a) and eleventh Imam (a).[2] The last volume contains the letters of Imam al-Mahdi (a).


Published in Dar al-Hadith Publications, Makatib al-a'imma by Ali Ahmadi Miyanaji, was recognized as the Best Published Work in the area of Religion, in the twenty seventh "Book of The Year" Award.[3]

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