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Al-Sahih min sirat al-Nabi al-A'zam (book)

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Al-Sahih min sirat al-Nabi al-A'zam (book)
Author al-Sayyid Ja'far Murtada al-'Amili
Original title الصحيح من سيرة النبي الاعظم
Language Arabic
Series 35 Vols.
Subject Prophet Muhammad (s) and Islamic history
Genre History
Published 1426/2005
Publisher Dar al-Hadith
Awards Book of the year in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Al-Ṣaḥīḥ min sīrat al-Nabī al-Aʾẓam (Arabic:الصحيح من سيرة النبي الاعظم) is an Arabic book about the sira (biography) of Prophet Muhammad (s) and Islamic history. The book is written by al-Sayyid Ja'far Murtada al-'Amili (d. 1441/2019) the Shi'a biographer and expert in Islam and Shi'a history, and the scholar of seminary of Qom and Lebanon. The first eleven volumes, until the end of the Battle of Ahzab, were published gradually and volume by volume; however, later the whole thirty five volumes, to the end of Event of Saqifa, were published together. The author has cited almost 1700 sources in the book. Al-Sahih was chosen as the book of the year in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Al-Sayyid Ja'far Murtada Al-'Amili is a Shi'a religious scholar in seminary of Qom and Lebanon, expert in Islam and Shi'a history and a biographer. He was born in Jabal Amel in 1364/1945. He studied in seminary of Qom and seminary of Najaf and has some works about the biography and conducts of Ahl al-Bayt (a).

The Book's Stance

Sunni scholars have written various books about the Prophet's (s) life and biography, such as Subul al-huda or al-Sirat al-Nabawiyya; however, there were not such a work among Shi'a. This book is remarkable for its critique of hadiths and narrations about the Prophet's (s) biography. As the title of the book denotes, the author has tried to refine the set of hadiths about the Prophet's (s) biography, identify weak hadiths and report historical events based on authentic hadiths through analyzing and studying narrations found in earlier sources. Utilizing both Shi'a and Sunni sources (1683 books) and through his special, Shi'a viewpoint to the history and biography of the Prophet (s), he has tried to reconstruct the Prophet's (s) biography.

Its Features and Writing Style

As the translator of the book says, the author, in addition to his special style of writing the biography of the Prophet (s), has presented an innovative, valuable perspective on some important and decisive events in Islamic history. He adds that the book has unique features which have distinguished al-Sahih form other new or old works in this field.

In the book, the author first mentions hadiths and the abundant narrations and quotes about a historical event from various sources, then he reviews and evaluates them from different aspects according to certain criteria. He also uses Qur'anic verses to determine the true accounts. The book includes all historical events which took place in Mecca and Medina chronologically.

Another feature of the book is that it covers all details of each event; yet, it is different from other detailed works in its critical analysis of every single report or narration. Although in some cases the author analyzes historical data based on some theological beliefs, he generally tries to present a scholarly and research-based work according to all historical hadiths and also non-historical ones.


Al-Sahih received the attentions of both seminary and university's scholars. It also received the award of the book of the year of Islamic Republic of Iran. Moreover, after publication of its eleventh volume in 1380Sh/2001, the Research Institute of Seminary and University held a conference to appreciate the book and honor its author. A collection of articles under the title "the approach of al-Sahih toward the biography of the Messenger of God (s)" was published in the conference.


The first eleven volumes of the book were published gradually and volume by volume. However, in 1426/2005, the publication of Dar al-Hadith printed and published the whole thirty five volumes together.