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Manaqib Amir al-Mu'minin (book)

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For other books with similar titles, see Manaqib (disambiguation).
Manaqib Amir al-Mu'minin
Author Muwaffaq b. Ahmad al-Khwarizmi
Original title (مَناقِبُ الامام أمیرُالمُؤمنین (ع
Language Arabic
Subject Virtues and Excellence of Imam 'Ali (a)
Genre Narrative
Published Jami'a Mudarresin

Manāqib Amīr al-Muʾminīn (a) (Arabic: مَناقِبُ أمیرُالمُؤمنین ) or Fadāʾil Amīr al-Muʾminīn (Arabic: فضائل امیرالمؤمنین), commonly referred to as al-Manaqib (Arabic: المناقب) or Manaqib Khwarazmi (Arabic: مناقب خوارزمی), is a book about Imam 'Ali's (a) virtues and merits by Muwaffaq b. Ahmad al-Khwarizmi (567/1171-72) a sunni scholar . The book is divided to 26 sections 16th of which consisted of 4 sections. In total, the book is concerned with Imam Ali's virtues in 30 sections.


Muwaffaq b. Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Makki al-Khwarizmi known as Akhtab Khwarizmi (b. 484/1091 - d. 568/1172) was a sunni jurist, Muhaddith , lecturer, literate, historian and poet in sixth/twelfth century.[1]

Khwarizmi loved the Ahl al-Bayt (a) and authored another book called Maqtal al-Husayn where he allocated some sections of the book to the merits of the Ahl al-Bayt (a). He also wrote a book about the virtues of Imam 'Ali (a) called Arba'in of which Ibn Shahrashub in his book Manaqib made use.[2] Some believe Arba'in and Al-Manaqib are one but it seems Arba'in is another book by Khwarizmi.


Manaqib Khwarizmi is one of the most valuable books which is more known among Shi'as rather than sunnis. Many scholars like al-'Allama al-Majlisi , Sayyid b. Tawus ,Ibn Shahrashub, al-Irbili and others from shi'as and Ibn Wazir Yamani , Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani , Ganji al-Shafi'i , Ibn Sabagh and others from sunnis have made use of the book.[3]

Hadiths in the Book

There are in total 416 hadiths according to the calculation of the current edition. Khwarizmi narrated all hadiths through chains of narrators and mentioned his way to the final narrator. Thus pointing out the chains of narrators is a considerable part of the book. Hadiths of this book is not limited to the ones from the Prophet (s).[4]


The book contains 27 sections including:

  1. The verses revealed on Imam 'Ali (s) position such as the verse of Tathir , 123rd of Qur'an 20 and 3rd of Qur'an 9
  2. The Prophet's love toward Imam 'Ali (a) and his prohibition of hating him
  3. Precedence in Faith (Iman)
  4. 'Ali (a) with truth, truth with 'Ali (a)
  5. A Member of the Ahl al-Bayt (a)
  6. The superlative companions
  7. His asceticism in this world
  8. Climbing on the prophet's shoulder to break the idols
  9. Delivering Bara'a (repudiation) declaration to the polytheists
  10. Eagerness of the heaven for him

The author ends the book with an epilogue and du'a.[5]


Khwarizmi did not mention the sources he used in compilation of the traditions, apparently because in each narration he pointed out his way to the final narrator and thus there was no need to identify the books he got the narrations from and of course the hadiths narrated by him could be found in famous Shi'a and Sunni books. The editor of the book refers to some of the authentic sources in footnote. Khwarizmi reported all his narrations in the book from Sunni Muhaddith.[6]


According to the researcher of the book there are two copies:

  1. A copy in Astan-i Qods library in Mashhad
  2. A copy in Waziri library in Yazd[7]


This book was printed and published under Jami'i Mudarrisin and with the research of Malik Mahmudi.


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