Ibsar al-ayn fi ansar al-Husayn (book)

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Ibsar al-ayn fi ansar al-Husayn (book)
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AuthorMuhammad al-Samawi al-Najafi
Original titleإبْصارُ العَین فی أنْصارِ الحُسین علیه‌السلام
Series1 vol.
Subjectcompanions of Imam al-Husayn (a) in the Battle of Karbala
PublisherHaydariyya Printing House , Najaf

Ibṣār al-ʿayn fī anṣār al-Ḥusayn (a) (Arabic: إبْصارُ العَین فی أنْصارِ الحُسین) is written by Muhammad b. Tahir al-Samawi al-Najafi (d. 1370/1950) about the companions of Imam al-Husayn (a) in the Battle of Karbala and before that, including the martyrs and wounded ones. In this book, the author mentioned 112 of the companions of Imam (a) with their tribes and families.


Shaykh Muhammad b. Tahir al-Turki al-Fadli (1292-1370/1876-1950), known as al-Samawi, was a Shiite mujtahid, scholar, judge, man of literature, and poet in the fourteenth/twentieth century. Al-Samawi was mainly renowned for his enthusiasm for transcribing the manuscripts and collecting rare books. He had a rich library containing such books. Al-Samawi died in 1370/1950 in Najaf.

About the Book

In al-Dhari'a, Aqa Buzurg mentioned this book with the title Ibsar al-'ayn fi ahwal ansar al-Husayn (a) and said,

"Shaykh Muhammad al-Samawi wrote it when he began his judgement in Najaf and it was published in Najaf in 1343/1924-5. Later, the author added some discussions to it which are not published yet."[1]

Writing Method

In each station, the author has mentioned the names of people without alphabetic order. He may had considered a certain order but it is not clear. Also in several cases, al-Samawi explained words or causes of naming with the title "dabt al-gharib".[2]


This book listed 112 of the companions of Imam (a) most of whom were martyred in Karbala and on day of Ashura and some of them were martyred before the Battle of Karbala in Kufa. Before the main discussion, the author has mentioned a brief biography of Imam (a). Then, he has divided the book to seventeen stations and in each station, he has discussed about one family or tribe.[3]

Chapters of the Book

Martyrs from the progeny of Abu Talib

Martyrs from Banu Asad and the slaves

Martyrs from Hamdan and the slaves

Martyrs from Madhhaj

1-Hani b. 'Urwa

2-Nafi' b. Hilal al-Bajali

3-Al-Hajjaj b. Masruq al-Ju'fi

4-Yazid b. Maghfil

5-Janadat b. Harith

6-Wadih turk, servant of Harith Midhhaji Salmani

7-Mujama' b. Abd Allah A'idhi

8-A'idh b. Mujamma' b. Abd Allah Midhhaji A'idhi

Martyrs from Ansar

Martyrs from Bajili and Khath'ami Tribe

1-Zuhayr b. al-Qayn al-Bajali

2-Salman b. Mudarib al-Bajali

3-Suwayd b. 'Amr al-Khath'ami

4-Abd Allah b. Bushr al-Khath'ami

Martyrs from Kinda Tribe

1-Yazid b. Ziyad b. Muhasir al-Kindi

2-Harith b. Imra' al-Qays al-Kindi

3-Zahir b. Amr al-Kindi

4-Bushr b. Amr Hadrami al-Kindi

5-Jundab b. Hujayr al-Kindi al-Khawlani

Martyrs from Ghifari Tribe

1-Abd Allah b. Urwat b. Harraq al-Ghifari and his brother Abd al-Rahman

2-Jawn b. Huway, servant of Abu Dhar al-Ghifari

Martyrs from Kalbi Tribe

Martyrs from Azdi Tribe

1-Muslim b. Kathir al-Azdi

2-Rafi' b. Abd Allah, servant of Muslim b. Kathir al-Azdi

3-Qasim b. Habib b. Abu Bushr al-Azdi

4-Zuhayr b. Sulaym al-Azdi

5-Nu'man b. Amr al-Azdi al-Rasibi and his brother Hallas

6-'Umara b. Salkhab

Martyrs from Abdi Tribe

1-Yazid b. Thubayt al-'Abdi, Abd Qays Basri and his sons Abd Allah and Ubayd Allah

2-'Amir b. Muslim al-'Abdi and his servant Salim

3-Sayf b. Malik al-Abdi al-Basri

4-Adham b. Umayya al-Abdi al-Basri

Martyrs from Taymi Tribe

1-Jabir b. Hajjaj, servant of Amir b. Nahshal al-Taymi Tyam Allah b. Tha'laba

2-Mas'ud b. Hajjaj al-Taymi Tyam Allah b. Tha'laba and his son Abd al-Rahman

3-Bakr b. Hay b. Tyam Allah b. Tha'laba al-Taymi

4-Juwayn b. Malik b. Qays al-Taymi

5-'Amr b. Dubay'a b. Qays b. Tha'laba al-Duba'i

6-Habbab b. Amir b. Ka'b b. Taym al-Lat b. Tha'laba al-Taymi

Martyrs from Ta'i Tribe

1-Ammar b. Hssan Ta'i

2-Umayya b. Sa'd Ta'i

Martyrs from Taghlib Tribe

Martyrs from Juhani Tribe

1-Mujamma' b. Ziyad b. Amr Juhani

2-Ubbad b. Muhajir b. Abu Muhajir Juhani

3-Aqaba b.Salt Juhani

Martyrs from Tamim Tribe

1-Al-Hurr b. Yazid al-Riyahi

2-Al-Hajjaj b. Zayd al-Sa'di

Other Helpers of Imam


Muhammad b. Tahir al-Samawi has mentioned the source of each report either at its beginning or its end (researcher of the book has mentioned the volume and page of these sources as well). He sometimes mentioned issues with the heading "qalu" (they said…) or (qal-a ahl al-sayr) which seems to have been mentioned due to their frequent citation in the sources and their agreement upon them. Historians and sources he cited his discussions from are often primary sources and authentic books.

Also in several cases, al-Samawi explained words or causes of naming with the title "dabt al-gharib".[5]


This book was printed in 1341/1922-3 in Haydariyya printing house of Najaf for the first time.[6] Since then, it has been frequently printed in Najaf and Iran.


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