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'Amr b. Hurayth al-Makhzumi

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'Amr b. Hurayth al-Makhzumi
An agent of Umayyad Dynasty
Teknonym Abu Sa'id
Lineage Quraysh
Birth 2/623-4
Place of Residence Kufa
Death/Martyrdom 78/697-98 or 85/704
Era Early Islam
Known for Playing role in martyrdom of Maytham al-Tammar, Muslim b. 'Aqil, and Hujr b. 'Adi
Notable roles Deputy of Ziyad b. Abih

ʿAmr b. Ḥurayth al-Qurashī al-Makhzūmī (Arabic: عمرو بن حُرَیث القرشي المخزومي) (b. 2/623-4 - d. 78/697-98 or 85/704) was an advocate of Umayyads and the rulers of Kufa from the time of 'Uthman until the Uprising of al-Mukhtar. He had a role in the martyrdom of Maytham al-Tammar, Muslim b. 'Aqil, and Hujr b. 'Adi.

Lineage and Kunya

'Amr b. Hurayth b. 'Amr b. 'Uthman b. 'Abd Allah b. 'Umar b. Makhzum al-Qurashi al-Makhzumi was born in 2/623-4 or before the Hijra. The Prophet (s) passed his hand over his head and made prayer for him. His kunya was Abu Sa'id. He was from al-Makhzum branch of Quraysh tribe and his lineage, Khalid b. Walid, and Abu Jahl b. Hisham reached 'Abd Allah b. al-Makhzum, .

Before the Battle of 'Ashura

'Amr b. Hurayth was the first person from Quraysh who resided in Kufa. He was the deputy of Sa'id b. 'As when he was the governor of Kufa appointed by 'Uthman.

Ziyad b. Abih appointed him as his deputy in Kufa. When Ziyad was in Basra, Hujr b. 'Adi and his companions threw stone at 'Amr b. Hurayth at the time of giving sermon of Friday prayer. 'Amr reported it to Ziyad and he imprisoned Hujr b. 'Adi and sent his agent to capture Hujr's companions. 'Amr was among those who testified against Hujr b. 'Adi.

After Ziyad b. Abih died, 'Amr joined 'Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad and helped him in the management of the affairs of Basra and Kufa and managed them in his absence.

In the Battle of 'Ashura

'Amr b. Hurayth had a role in the martyrdom of Maytham al-Tammar and suppressing the uprising of Muslim b. 'Aqil. After Ibn Ziyad found about the hiding place of Muslim, sent 'Amr and Muhammad b. Ash'ath with 70 people to Muslim.

After Muslim b. 'Aqil was martyred. Ibn Ziyad wanted to kill al-Mukhtar, but after the testimony of 'Amr b. Hurayth, withdrew from killing al-Mukhtar and imprisoned him instead.

After Imam al-Husayn (a) arrived in Karbala, 'Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad appointed 'Amr to manage the affairs of Kufa and he and his companions went out of Kufa and camped in Nukhayla and blocked the way of people to join Imam al-Husayn (a).

After 'Ashura

After Imam al-Husayn (a) and his companions were martyred, 'Amr b. Hurayth was at the service of Umayyads. After Yazid died and Tawwabun made an uprising, 'Amr was exiled out of Kufa. After Mus'ab b. Zubayr was killed and 'Abd al-Malik b. Marwan took the power over Iraq, 'Amr was appointed to manage the affairs of Kufa in the absence of its governors. Finally, 'Amr b. Hurayth died in 78/697-98 or 85/704 in Kufa.

Transmission of Hadiths

'Amr transmitted hadiths from the Prophet (s), Imam Ali (a), Abu Bakr, 'Umar, Ibn Mas'ud and others.

His son, Ja'far, his brother Sa'id, al-Mughira b. Basi', al-Walid b. Sari', 'Abd al-Malik b. 'Umayr, Isma'il b. Abi Khalid, Khalaf b. Khalifa and others have narrated hadiths from him.


  • The material for this article is mainly taken from عمرو بن حریث مخزومی in Farsi Wikishia.