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Hajjar b. Abjar

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Hajjar b. Abjar
Commander of 'Umar b. Sa'd's army
Full Name Hajjar b. Abjar b. Jabir
Lineage Bakr b. Wa'il
Place of Residence Kufa
Era Early Islam
Notable roles Governor of Isfahan
Activities Testifying against Hujr b. 'Adi, inviting Imam al-Husayn (a) to Kufa], opposing Uprising of al-Mukhtar, joining Mus'ab b. Zubayr

Ḥajjār b. Abjar al-ʿIjlī (Arabic: حَجّار بْن أبْجَر العِجْلي) was a nobleman of Kufa and a commander of 'Umar b. Sa'd's army in the Battle of Karbala. He was one of the people who wrote letters to Imam al-Husayn (a), inviting him to Kufa, but after 'Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad took over the rule of Kufa, he joined him and played a role in scattering people away from Muslim b. 'Aqil. Hajjar was a commander of 'Umar b. Sa'd in the Battle of Karbala, and after the battle, he was an opponent of the Uprising of al-Mukhtar and joined Mus'ab b. Zubayr. Mus'ab commissioned him to combat 'Ubayd Allah b. Hurr al-Ju'fi. He later joined 'Abd al-Malik b. Marwan in his fight with Mus'ab.


Hajjar b. Abjar b. Jabir b. Bujayr b. 'A'idh b. Shurayt b. 'Amr b. Malik b. Rabi'a b. 'Ijl was the head of the Bakr b. Wa'il tribe.

Hajjar was alive in the period of the Prophet Muhammad (s). He and his father, Abjar, went to 'Umar b. al-Khattab; Hajjar recited shahadatayn and converted to Islam, but his father did not convert to Islam. A short time before the martyrdom of Imam 'Ali (a) in 40/660, his father died as a Christian. 'Abd al-Rahman b. Muljam who had entered Kufa to martyr Imam 'Ali (a) saw some people and priests of Kufa holding a funeral for Abjar. He said: "I swear to God that I would kill them all with my sword had I not wanted to stay alive for a greater purpose."

Hajjar was aware of Mustawrid b. 'Ulafa al-Khariji's riot against al-Mughira b. Shu'ba in 43/663, but kept it a secret. He also testified against Hujr b. 'Adi.

The Battle of Karbala

Hajjar was one of the peo